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Younger Infants (Infant Room)

Am-Tree's infant and toddler curriculum provides babies with a safe and welcoming environment. Our infant/toddler center is filled with opportunities to make sense of the world. By actively exploring a rich sensory environment filled with different sights, sounds, textures, and sensations, babies awaken to the world around them. 

From the very first moment in our child care program, we assign you and your baby a primary caregiver to ensure that your baby receives individual attention. Caregivers with over 15 years of experience will help nurture your infant, age 8 weeks to 12 months. The Primary caregiver plays a special role and is responsible for your baby's prime times: those critical one-to-one moments, engaging them in activities focused on the development of the whole child.

This class follows the New Jersey Birth to 3 standards and Creative Curriculum

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