Enrichment Program


Early childhood music experiences include singing, moving, listening, playing
instruments, and creating music of their own. By singing songs a child acquires
language skills. Though singing games and dance they develop important social
skills. Exposure to music in a variety of styles and cultures provides the
foundation of a lifelong appreciation of music.
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Am-Tree promotes physical activity and nutrition in our continued commitment to
helping children establish a healthy lifestyle. Children take part in weekly
classes that cover a variety of physical activities including yoga, dance, sports,
and familiar childhood games in order to develop an appreciation of movement and fitness.
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We encourage children’s creativity as they express themselves freely with a variety
of art materials. Children are inspired by the Masters as well as encouraged to
get messy and find their own inner artist.
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Technology is an integral component of our early childhood curriculum. Working with
Smartboard, computers, and digital cameras allows children opportunities to get a
jump on using technology in an ever changing world.
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Am-Tree’s state of the art science program challenges children’s minds through
hands on experiences engaging the scientific method. Structured lessons encourage
children to investigate, observe, analyze, synthesize, and predict; thereby encouraging
questions and discoveries about the world around them.
In addition to our science program we incorporate culinary arts. Our little chefs
practice math skills and scientific observation as they use kitchen and baking tools
to prepare delicious treats.
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Am-Tree celebrates diversity across the curriculum. Throughout the year, children
are taught to respect different cultures through exposure to various holidays, customs,
music, dance as well as international cuisine.
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Being a family based business, Am-Tree emphasizes the importance of family involvement
in their child’s intellectual development. Events such as Grandparent’s Day and Read Across America are just a few of the many events that we host
throughout the year at Am-Tree.
In addition to special events we welcome family participation as part of our open door policy.
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Additional Programs Available


At an additional cost, the following age appropriate programs are available to
your child: (Providers come to Am-Tree to conduct these programs)


Am-Tree's Summer Camp

Am-Tree's fun and learning continues through the summer camp program.
Children are busy all summer long with fun theme weeks that include field trips,
entertainers, water play, group games, crafts, music and dancing.
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