Preschool 4

The Pre-K experience provides a structured, engaging, and fun learning adventure for your child.

Am-Tree’s Pre-K program builds upon, reinforces, and enhances all the prior knowledge that your child has accumulated on his/her educational journey towards Kindergarten readiness. Our teachers’ curriculum involves a higher level of reading, math and science skills, while still embracing your child’s need to explore and be engaged in hands on learning activities. Each day your child will participate in learning centers, which focus on problem solving, team building, and enhancing their abilities of expression, both written and verbal. 

Enrollment in Am-Tree’s Pre-K program entitles your child to our marvelous related arts programs. Students visit our music, fine arts, science explorations, health & fitness program, and Smartboard technology enrichment programs in turn on a weekly basis. These certified teachers work alongside our classroom teachers to build integrated curriculum and deepen understanding of what takes place in the classrooms.

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