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Preschool 4 (Pre-K)

Our classroom environments are thoughtfully designed to meet the highest standards for the education of pre-school children. Our trained staff is ready to offer age appropriate educational experiences that nurture your child's creativity and individualism. 

Small group instructional activities will challenge and expand your child's abilities in Math, Literacy, Science and Social Studies. Your children will use their social skills to work together to problem solve, create, and explore having lots of fun along the way. Outside activities, dramatic play, and creative movement will help provide a firm foundation for your child's learning adventures.

In addition to daily classroom experiences, the children will have a Science and Exploration program where they will have multiple opportunities to investigate and theorize. The Art and Music Enrichment programs will expose children to the fine arts and give them the freedom to express themselves artistically and musically, while our Spanish class encourages exploration of world languages.

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