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Older Infants (Toddler Room)

In the Toddler Room, your child will be in an environment that provides a variety of creative toys and equipment specifically designed for toddler activities. These activities stimulate thinking and encourage your child's independent spirit. As his/her ability to move around increases, and you child learns about the physical world, our teachers will be on hand to lead them in these new experiences. Activities include music and rhythm, outdoor walks, art, nursery rhymes, exercising, all the while still meeting your child's individual needs.


This class follows the New Jersey Birth to 3 standards and Creative Curriculum. The Toddler Room is an area where a great deal of development takes place; you will be amazed at all of your child's accomplishments. From baby food to table food, from crawling to walker, from bottles to sip cups, and even giving up those two naps a day, we will be on hand to coach them through these milestones.

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